About Us

GMI Trading, LLC is the wholesale distribution division of Grand Market International Corp. which also owns and operates the well-known grocery chain NetCost Market. GMI Trading is the leading wholesale importer and seller of Eastern European foods and food products in North America. We are strategically located in Staten Island, NY with over 130,000 square feet of warehouse and distribution space.

Since 2000, we have been fulfilling the imported food product demand of North American food retailers and serve their requirements for unique and authentic product from former Eastern bloc of the Soviet Republic. As our retail customer relationships have grown, we have expanded our global reach and now import products from around the globe. Our knowledgeable expert buying staff identifies, locates and imports unique, authentic and culturally relevant foods and food products from all of the world. Our unique ability to find the most in demand , high quality products from countries and cultures of the world and introduce them to North American markets has earned us our trusted spot as the leading source and importer of food.

Warehouse Facilities:

Our expansive warehouse employs state of the art technology in importation, refrigeration, storage and shipping/ distribution to be able to provide our imported food products to our customers in the freshest and highest quality condition.

Our modernization strategy is an ever-evolving process and we continue to implement cutting edge supply chain management and distribution processes to ensure the most efficient and optimal customer experience. On our planning cycle is JIT ( Just In Time) inventory management for our customers and partners.


GMI Trading is the leading importer and reseller of imported foods and food products from the world over including Europe, Asia, Russia, India, Africa, and South America.

We always put our customers and their needs first and provide pristine state of the art service guaranteeing efficiency in inventory management, storage, distribution time replenishment, the best wholesale pricing for maximum resale margins, freshness, uniqueness and authenticity of our portfolio of imported products from our supply partners.